Taste of Thai hosts Thanksgiving Day meal

Taste of Thai hosts Thanksgiving Day meal

Amarillo, TX - On Thanksgiving one Amarillo business opened their doors and hearts to families in need.

Taste of Thai decided to give back to the community that has been so supportive of them, through providing a Thanksgiving meal at no cost to those in need.

Employees at the Thai restaurant served food to families from 11 AM to 1 PM.

Danny Rodriguez told us how thankful he was to have this meal.

"I'm very thankful for organizations getting together, you know during hard times. It just makes it more special. I think for places like this to give their heart out to the community and we are graciously thankful of that this holiday."

Taste of Thai says they could not have put on this event today without the help of the community.

Since the eatery usually only serves Thai food, there's not even an oven - just a wok.

Taste of Thai employee, Jacey Kilburn, shared with us how the restaurant put the meal together.

"WT donated, we had a few local banks, and then a lot of surrounding families wanted to help out today. Because we don't have an oven and everything here. Everything was prepared at home and then we all brought it up here. So we couldn't have done it without them."

Employee, Chrissa Bowles, says they are more than a restaurant; they are a family and they want the community to feel this way too.

"We may not be a blood family, but we work together, we stick together, we stick up for one another, and it is a true family here at Taste of Thai."

Bowles went on to say giving is just in the owner Steve Kongdara's nature.

"He wants to help in the community. And he doesn't want the help to help get more money for his business, that is just him. He is just a good natured, good hearted person, who just wants to help with people in the community."

This is the first year for Taste of Thai to put on the event, but they say they want to make it an annual tradition.