Oil refinery to pay $300K settlement for migratory bird kill

Oil refinery to pay $300K settlement for migratory bird kill

Amarillo, TX - After having a federal complaint filed on them in 2012 for a migratory bird kill, Phillips 66 and WRB Refining in Borger have agreed to pay a settlement of about $300,000.

The complaint was filed by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service against Phillips 66 and WRB Refining after some 260 migratory birds, mainly water foul, were found dead in August 2012 at the Johnson Tank Farm Pond, which is owned by the two companies.

However, Fish and Wildlife has agreed not to seek prosecution under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act if the two companies comply with a recent agreement to pay a violations notice, contribute to Texas Parks and Wildlife for the value of the deceased birds and make a charitable contribution to the South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

The companies agreed and on Wednesday, November 27, Phillips 66 released this statement to NewsChannel 10:

"At Phillips 66 we conduct our business with care for the environment. In response to an increase in bird activity at our Borger Facility, we have added additional deterrents and continue to work closely with the United States Fish & Wildlife Service to minimize bird activity near our operations."

According to information released to NewsChannel 10 from the U.S. Attorney's Office of the Northern District of Texas, who handled the case, the companies have 30 days to comply with the conditions of the agreement.