Black Friday shoppers camp out

Black Friday shoppers camp out

Amarillo, TX - Some Black Friday shoppers are already in line to get the best deals.

While Black Friday is not for two more days, many people have already begun camping outside of stores to make sure they get the best prices.

And while the customers are lined up outside, the stores are busy preparing inside by making sure everything is priced, organized and ready to go.

Some stores are also making maps of where all the deals are located within the store so shoppers will have an easier time finding items they want once they are inside.

We spoke with one store manager who told us while they give their employees Thanksgiving Day off, on Black Friday they welcome the crowd.

"We'll be out in the lines before we open at 5 a.m., kind of talking to our customers about what deals we do have, we'll be handing out ads, maps of the store, everything right wrapped up in black plastic, kind of hiding from our customers, but it definitely creates some excitement," Mark Cruz who is an Assistant Store Manager of Operations at Home Depot said.

For some shoppers, it is not just about the great prices it is about keeping up a tradition.

Today, we spoke with a woman who told us she and her daughter have been camping out for Black Friday for the last five years. She told us she they arrived at the store at 5:45 last night.

"We just come out and hang out and play games and shop, this year I'm going to get a couple of laptops and a few other things, but usually I can save a couple a thousand dollars here and it is just fun," Black Friday Shopper Kendra Earl said.

Earl told me since she and her daughter are camping out on Thanksgiving Day her family waits for them and they usually celebrate on Saturday.

We also spoke with Sun, who has been doing this for years.  He used to camp out in Ohio and now he continues his tradition here in Amarillo.

"I'm here to buy some laptops, some tablets, some video games, gaming systems, consoles, a bunch of stuff, you know the list goes on. I do it every year, I have fun doing it," Black Friday Shopper Sun said.

Sun and Earl have been camping out since last night and the store they are waiting in line for will not open until 6 tomorrow night.