Dealing with holiday stress and depression

Dealing with holiday stress and depression

Amarillo, TX - Financial stress can play a huge role in holiday depression.

One stress a lot of people feel during the holidays is financial.

For many this time of year is more pain than pleasure.

Tim Bowles at Texas Tech Health Sciences Center in Amarillo says the pressure to shop for "Black Friday" only add to the stress.

"People go out and they expect to be able to afford much more and want to afford much more for their family or their friends. When they can't do that it can be depressing."

We spoke with a local financial expert at Amarillo National Bank, John T. McElyea, who says during this time of year people impulse buy and it can cause significant damage.

"If you overspend during this time of year, it could cause great financial burdens for you. It could increase your credit card debt and that could be a big financial burden which could take its toll emotionally."

He adds that just because something is a good deal, does not mean its a smart purchase financially.

McElyea says making a budget is key to staying away from financial stress.

"Make a list of the people you want to buy for and put an amount that you want to spend and track that as you go and as you purchase. One of the things you can do is resist that urge to buy additional presents for someone. If you see another present for someone that would be perfect for someone ... resist that urge of buying another present."