Car explosion at apartment complex ruled accidental

Car explosion at apartment complex ruled accidental

Amarillo, TX - A parked car exploded Tuesday night at The Granite Apartments at Olsen Park on South Western Street.

Amarillo fire marshals said an acetylene tank stored in the trunk of the car caused the explosion. There was a man inside the car at the time of the explosion but he only received minor injuries.

Acetylene tanks are mostly used by welders in torches for cutting. "Acetylene is just extremely volatile," said Ken Moore, the owner of B&J Welding Supply. "It's real sensitive to static electricity. Any slight little spark can actually ignite acetylene."

Static sparks from automatic door locks, turn signals and even brake lights can be enough to ignite leaking acetylene.

Acetylene tanks are supposed to be stored upright in open spaces like the bed of a truck. Moore said inside the trunk or cab of a car are the worst places to store acetylene because leaking gas can accumulate and explode.

Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10