Wagons for Weeones

Wagons for Weeones

AMARILLO -  A local man has made a habit of giving back to families in the Panhandle, but not just during the holiday season.

It started in  2005 when Andrea Ewing, a Child Development Specialist at Pedi-Providers with Texas Tech, told her dad, Ralph Page, about the gap for children who need a wheel chair, but are just too small to have one.

"I just saw that we had a need here in Amarillo with the special needs kids. We have so many that are in need, that these families need extra help," Ewing said.

Eight years later, 50 customized wagons have been built to help families like the Mears, who received their wagon Tuesday, for their son Adrien.

"I can't even honestly word how grateful we are. I can't count how many times we've said thank you," Adrien's mom Kacie Little said.

"The way they designed it and everything, it almost made me cry. It's really really amazing what they've done for us," his dad Justin Mears added.

Using money out of his own pocket and donated materials, Page is making a difference for one family at time.

Each wagon is built and customized, based on families needs. The one Adrien received today has a holder for oxygen, a car seat, and even a spot in front, for baby brother Rylee.

For the father-daughter team, building the wagons are a labor of love.

"Whenever I see one of these young kids in a wagon, it just turns my heart around," Page told us.

Knowing they are making a difference, is bringing smiles to everyone's faces.

If you would like to donate to this cause, or would like to find out more information on the eligibility for one of these wagons, you can contact Andrea Ewing at andrea.ewing@ttuhsc.edu

Colleen Nelson - NewsChannel 10