TxDOT crews continue clearing roads of snow and ice

TxDOT crews continue clearing roads of snow and ice

Amarillo, TX - Since conditions first began to get a little risky on the roads, Texas Department of Transportation crews have been out working to keep them free of snow and ice.

Crews in the Amarillo area were out Friday night and Saturday, focusing on the areas that are most susceptible to icing over such as bridges, ramps and overpasses.

They'll continue to run through Saturday night, clearing snow, ice and laying down sand in places where it's needed most, as weather conditions are expected to worsen.

Paul Braun, spokesperson for TxDOT, said their crews will stay out as long as needed, but they also need cooperation from area motorists. "People need to slow down," Braun said. "Our crews have been out for 36 hours and they'll stay out again all night tonight but we really need people to be extra careful on the roadways or not to drive at all."

For driving and road conditions around the state, TxDOT encourages motorists to log on to drivetexas.org.