College students send ' A Penny or A Prayer' to typhoon victims

College students send ' A Penny or A Prayer' to typhoon victims

Amarillo, TX - As people of the Philippines continue to pick up the pieces after typhoon Haiyan hit the islands, folks in the Amarillo area are desperate to help.

The disaster especially hit home for Philippine native Brandon Agujar and his best friend Madeline McKenzie, both students at Amarillo College. "He hadn't heard from them in days and he was worried and I was worried for him and so we just had this light bulb come on," said Madeline.

So the two began a relief fund called 'A Penny or A Prayer', and went online to ask the local community for just that. "We're not asking you to give a dollar, 75 cents, 50 cents, not even a nickel," explained Brandon. "We're asking for a penny."

The money will be sent overseas through the local American Red Cross branch. Something its executive director, Steve Pair, said is helpful no matter how much is raised. "The bottom line is it's awesome because it really does all go to those people that need it whether that's $100, $5, $10 or even $1,000," said Pair. "Each and every little bit helps."

While Brandon and Madeline hope to raise as much as possible, for this duo, donations don't just come in dollars. "Some people can't afford to help, some people don't even have used clothing that they can donate but good thoughts and prayers can help because God most of all is what helps us and gets us back on our feet," said Madeline.

The two said they just want to help in whatever way they can, and send a little help in the form of hope. "People outside the country are there for them and just working together to help them out," added Brandon.

You can find more information about ways you can donate to the "A Penny or A Prayer" relief fund on their facebook page at