Bushland Lockdown Policy

Bushland Lockdown Policy

Amarillo, TX - Some parents are showing concern with Bushland ISD's lockdown procedures after a situation at the school.

Bushland ISD says they sent out a tweet on their twitter account on November 22, 2013 around 5 after, what they are calling, a "domestic matter" earlier that afternoon.

All three of their campuses were put on lockdown.

Now some parents are showing their concern on our NewsChannel 10 facebook page.

Some people think it was not appropriate way to let parents know.

However, others says it was the most effective way to reach all the parents in the district.

We spoke with bushland administration about why they chose twitter to communicate with parents on this matter.

"We use as many forms of communication as possible. Our main for of communication to get mass information out to a lot of people is twitter. We use it at the district level and each campus has an account and many of our organization use it as well".

The district added they do not have access to all the parents email accounts.

So for them this is the quickest and most effective way of contacting parents.

Bushland ISD says they always encourage concerned parents to call or come by the school.