Requirements being finalized on House Bill 5

Requirements being finalized on House Bill 5

Amarillo, TX - Dr. Paul Matney who is the President of Amarillo College is currently in Austin helping the Board of Education finalize the requirements for House Bill 5.

While the State Board of Education finalizes the requirements, educators are trying to decide the best way to structure the new high school format.

For most people high school was a set of standard classes, which everyone took and then after high school students went on to pursue their individual goals whether it was work, an Associate's degree or a Bachelor's degree.

But House Bill 5 will change all that when it is implemented in the Fall of 2014.

"It will provide flexibility for high school students to not be fitted into one four by four career plan, but give them the opportunity to really decide what direction they want to go," said President of Amarillo College Dr. Paul Matney.

So, right now the school systems are working through the best way to implement House Bill 5 in to their curriculums.

"We'll have to look at what courses we currently offer, what courses we will need to offer and with that always comes, do we have people in place to teach those, are teachers going to need new training for the new courses," said LeAnn Estep Director of Career and Technical Education at AISD.

One of the main issues with House Bill 5 is whether to include Algebra 2 as a basic requirement.

We asked Amarillo College's President about whether it should be included.

"My view is that if high school students are required to take Algebra 1 and Geometry then those that are not going into engineering and sciences and mathematics, they might be best served by giving them a technical math class that would help them with practical application of mathematical principles as they transition into a job or technical program," said Matney.

House Bill 5 will also allow high schools to create classes, which will train students for jobs they need in their local communities.