Non-suits filed for Marsh family, Weir in sex abuse civil cases

Non-suits filed for Marsh family, Weir in sex abuse civil cases

Amarillo, TX - Several non-suit filings in the civil lawsuits involving Stanley Marsh 3 are allowing some defendants off the hook, while others are still locked in the lawsuit.

More than one year after they were filed, Stanley Marsh 3, his wife, son and associate David Weir are removed from the civil lawsuits against them claiming Marsh sexually abused young boys. "All the settlement issues were buttoned up and have been fully funded and now we turn to the remaining defendants," said Anthony Buzbee, the Houston attorney who originally filed the suits.

The three remaining include the Chase Tower, McCartt and Associates and Amarillo Protective Services, entities Buzbee claimed knew what was happening but did nothing to stop it.

"They allowed all this to occur, it occurred right under their nose," he said. "It was pretty obvious was going on and so we believe that certainly a security company and building management should've stepped in when there were minors involved and put an end to what we allege was happening." Now, it's about finding out what those defendants really knew and how much that information is worth to the alleged victims. "It's going to be very hard I believe for someone to suggest that they had no idea," added Buzbee.

"If they did any sort of walk through like most building management does, then somebody should've realized something very bad was going on." Buzbee says they're waiting on depositions and testimonies before they actually set a dollar amount on what they're seeking.

So far, no court dates have been set. Marsh 3 also still currently faces criminals charges for sexually abusing teen boys.