City suspends logo after speaking with Dubai company about controversy

City suspends logo after speaking with Dubai company about controversy

AMARILLO - Amarillo city officials say they have been in contact with the overseas company that owns the rights to a logo very similar to Amarillo's new city logo.

The city continues to stick by their logo, saying it was not copyrighted and the similarities are pure coincidence.

But, after talking with the real estate company EMAAR, they are considering the possibility of new options for the city logo.

During Tuesday's City Council Work Session, Les Simpson from the Globe News, presented the idea of a community competition, where residents submit original designs.

Since the discovery that both logos are nearly identical, city officials have been working to address this issue.

"[The logo] has been suspended. The company in Dubai has asked us to suspend the use of it pending our discussions," City Attorney Marcus Norris said.

The City Attorney says discussions are revolving around the city's request to keep and use Amarillo's logo.

"There is a strong similarity. We have contacted that company to see if they have any objections to a small city on another continent using something very very similar," Norris said.

When asked about the potential of legal repercussions, Norris says he does not think the city will face any, as of right now.

City officials wont say who presented Amarillo's new logo design, but they say that woman, who works within the city, is not facing any discipline at this time.

Colleen Nelson - NewsChannel 10