Lawsuit accuses Amarillo strip club of not paying employees

Lawsuit accuses Amarillo strip club of not paying employees

AMARILLO, TX - Three Amarillo strip clubs are being sued in federal court, but it has nothing do with the promiscuous nature of that kind of business.

The three strip joints are accused of violating federal law by not paying their employees any wages.

The lawsuit, filed Friday, accuses Beaver's Gentleman's Club, Cheetah's and Babe's Gentleman's Club of not compensating their disc jockeys, security staff, bartenders, or waitresses with any wages whatsoever.

The two plaintiffs in the case, Perry Stevenson and Michael Clark, are two Amarillo D.Js who claim employees of the night clubs are only compensated in tips directly from patrons, or in shared tips from other employees at the clubs.

The lawsuit accuses the three clubs and their owners, Barry Pour and Sadigh Pour, of violating the Fair Labor Standards Act by not paying employees the required minimum wage of $2.13 per hour and by not compensating employees for over-time.

Stevenson and Clark want compensation for themselves and anyone else who has been denied wages from the three strip joints.

Both plaintiffs denied an on camera interview saying their attorney told them not to speak with the media.

The owners of the strip clubs could not be reached for comment Monday.