Canyon residents who died in plane crash leave academic legacy

Canyon residents who died in plane crash leave academic legacy

CANYON - Hundreds gathered at West Texas A&M University today to honor and remember three academics.

The rural communities of the panhandle lost a great doctor and WTAMU lost a beloved professor and a top student, but its clear Mike, Robin and Bill Capt leave behind a legacy. Of academic excellence in the panhandle.

"While every child knows that at some point they will have to say goodbye to mom and dad, at 23 years old, I never thought that would be today," Elizabeth Capt said through tears. "But as hard as this moment is, saying goodbye to my little brother is a challenge that can not be expressed with words."

Although it's always hard to say goodbye, the shear number of people gathered in WTAMU's Legacy Hall prove these three leave behind just that, a legacy.

"Both [Mike] and Robin exhibited a strong desire to serve their fellow man, and I think they instilled that in their children," family friend Neil Pratt said.

48-year-old Mike Capt was a biomedical engineer and a physician serving rural communities in the panhandle, not to mention an adventurer with a love of aviation, scuba diving, and travel.

"It was amazing how he could pursue multiple high level intense interests all at the same time," Pratt said.

48-year-old Robin Capt was also an academic as a professor of education at WTAMU as well as associate dean of the graduate school.

"Robin Capt was important in the lives of her students, her colleagues, and the university," said Dean of WTAMU's College of Education, Dr. Eddie Henderson.

Their son, 19-year-old Bill Capt, was a pre-med student at WTAMU, not to mention a tutor of biology and genetics, a researcher, and a little brother.

"Although he was quiet in public, those who knew him knew how much of a goober he really was," Emily Capt said.

The Capts leave behind two young daughters, Emily and Elizabeth, both destined to be doctors.

"If anything defined my parents, it was that they loved us. But beyond that, they believed in us. They often told us that they did not want us to match their success, but they wanted us to surpass them," Emily said.

Although it was a somber Sunday in Canyon, it was filled with memories, something the Capt family wants to remind everyone not to take for granted.

"I ask that you treasure every memory with your loved ones, as we will honoring their lives," Elizabeth said.