Impact Futures raises awareness of new drugs

Impact Futures raises awareness of new drugs

AMARILLO - Impact Futures, an Anti-Drug Coalition in Amarillo held a meeting Thursday where information on new drugs making it's way to the panhandle were presented.

LaViza Matthews, project director of the coalition, warned parents about Kradum, a new opiate being used by teens.

"It's an opiate, a pain killer and they are mixing it. Mixing it with other types of drugs to create a euphoric sensation, or a downer relaxant," Matthews said.

She also warned parents to watch what kids are putting inside E-Cigarrettes.

"They are vaporizing hashish oil out of them, or any kind of marijuana oil or wax and it's odorless when they are smoking it," she explained.

Parents who were at the event, like Connie Clement, say learning about the new trends helps to keep adults ahead of the curve.

"It needs to be out of our community. Our kids are absolutely in danger. Sometimes in Amarillo we have a small town feeling and we don't always realize what the problems are in our community," she said.

Although over 160 pounds of  synthetic marijuana has been taken off the streets in Randall County, law enforcement and parents say drug problems are still out there.

Colleen Nelson - NewsChannel 10.