New trends in synthetic drugs being discussed

New trends in synthetic drugs being discussed

Amarillo, Texas - It's legal but lethal, we're talking about synthetic drugs. Impact Futures Community Coalition will be presenting the newest information on these drugs that have claimed the lives of so many.

Although marijuana has been legalized in Colorado, local police report a surge in the abuse of synthetic drugs.

LaViza Matthews will be presenting the latest trends in the head shop industry today from the CHAMPS trade show that took place last month in Colorado.

CHAMPS is one of the largest counter culture shows in the in industry. But Thursday, parents will have the chance to not only learn about, but also see and touch the very latest in these drugs.

It is seeming that these drugs are not only being smoked now, but Matthews will be talking about new pills forms and injectable forms that are hitting the shelves of head shops.

The meeting will be Thursday afternoon at 4:00 in the Ed Davis conference room of the Chase building in downtown Amarillo.