Police arrest 15 year old girl for fatal hit and run

Police arrest 15 year old girl for fatal hit and run

Amarillo, TX - A fifteen year old girl has been arrested and charged in this past weekend's fatal hit and run in south Amarillo.

45 year old Geoffrey Slover died at the scene after he was hit at 45th and Canyon Drive and the driver fled.

The teen is being charged with "accident causing injury or death" and is being placed at the Youth Center of the High Plains. Police say they are still looking into whether the teen had a drivers permit at the time of the accident. Even if she did, they say she would still be in violation of Texas law that allows some 15 year olds to get behind the wheel.

A local attorney says because she is only 15, there is a very slim chance she could face hard jail time. Rather, she may be put on probation until she is 18.

The Department of Public Safety says the teen is still eligible for a license when she turns 16, as long as she completes Drivers Education. It won't be until after a trial and conviction that her license might be suspended.

At this time, police say they don't know if any other charges are pending.