Amarillo logo controversy continues

Amarillo logo controversy continues

AMARILLO - The story about Amarillo's new logo, we told you about Monday, is getting a lot of response.

As we showed you yesterday, Amarillo's new city logo is very similar to that of a company in Dubai.

Many of you left comments like Jessica Montgomery saying the look-a-like image is "insulting" to the people of Amarillo.

When we spoke with City officials on Tuesday, they tell us they've contacted EMAAR, but have yet to hear about back.

Other viewers like Shawn Taylor said in a Facebook comment, it's a "beautiful reason as to why cities should not waste money and resources on branding themselves."

We asked the city how much money this new logo is costing tax payers. They say the budget for the whole rebranding process was under $30,000.

At this time, they are not saying how much of that money was spent on the logo.

Colleen Nelson - NewsChannel 10.