AWOL Ape: Aluminum gorilla stolen from Amarillo woman

AWOL Ape: Aluminum gorilla stolen from Amarillo woman

AMARILLO, TX - A full size silver back gorilla has gone missing in Amarillo, but not from a wildlife refuge or zoo.

The missing gorilla weighs several hundred pounds, and is worth a good chunk of change because he's made of aluminum. Police believe that's possibly the reason why he was stolen.

The gorilla's owner, Suzan Williams, is a collector of all things cookies and animals.

The 57-year-old has a dream of turning her property into a one-of-kind attraction for travelers along Dumas Highway.

"I've got a dream, a vision here for the community, of 'Cookie Time Museum and Chapel. It's going to be for kids of all ages from babies up to 100 years," Williams said.

She's setting up themed shacks like 'Kringle's Kabin,' and 'Bear's Lair,' which she'll fill with her 4,000 cookies jars and other unique antiques.

But the most expensive items for display are aluminum animals she's bought over the years, each worth well over a thousand dollars. And Monday night, she realized one of them was gone.

"Immediately I noticed he was gone," she said. "And we're hopeful of his safe return."

A shack on her property was turned into a mini Noah's Ark where Williams stored all the gorilla's animal friends for safe keeping.

She filed a police report Monday night for the $1,200 primate, but police say it's likely he's already been sold for scrap metal.

Williams, though, is optimistic her silver-backed giant will find his way home.

"We're just hoping somebody will see him and keep their eyes peeled for him and get him back over here with his bunch where he needs to be," she said.

Williams hopes the "Cookie Time Museum and Chapel" will be open by this spring.

She hopes her gorilla will be there for the grand opening, so if you have any info on the crime call Amarillo Crime Stoppers at 806-374-4400.