Social media trends with teens

Social media trends with teens

Amarillo, TX - Teens may be on social networking sites that their parent don't even know exist.

We spoke with a local experts about how parents can stay on top of their teens online behavior.

Facebook's CFO recently said they are seeing a decrease among teens on their site.

With more parents logging onto Facebook, its no longer considered the "cool" spot among teens.

They are going to other programs like Instagram and Snapchat.

We spoke with a mass communications expert, Leigh Browning Ph.D., about why its important for parents to be aware of all the different social platforms that are out there.

"If parents don't even know what is out there and have never heard of feed or Snapchat ... They need to understand that they are probably dealing with something they are unaware of. Their children are still having conversations that they may not be aware of."

Andrew Brandt at All star computers tells us what steps parents should take when trying to stay on top of their child's online behavior.

"I think its important for parents to be aware of all these different social media platforms and just talk with your kid and see where they are posting things and see what they are posting. If you are having an issue with it, you can actually set up a parental control system on your home network that allows you to control what sites are being visited"

According to Browning the trend in social media sites will be an ever changing shift.