Study shows PG-13 movies more violent than R-rated movies in 1985

Study shows PG-13 movies more violent than R-rated movies in 1985

Amarillo, TX - Holiday movie season will be starting soon and a recent study says there is more violence in PG-13 movies today than in R-rated movies in 1980's.

The American Academy of Pediatrics released a study today saying violence in PG-13 movies has increased over time since 1985.

The study looked at gun violence in movies and says it has tripled since 1985 in PG-13 films, which is when the Motion Picture Association of America started using the PG-13 rating. This may be because the PG-13 age range goes to the movies the most often.

"They're the largest movie population and they do pay more to see movies, they see movies at times, where sometimes the rest of us go to (a) matinee or early evening (showings), adolescents are the major contributors at night to the success of a movie," said Pat Tyrer an Associate Professor who teaches Film Studies at West Texas A&M.

According to the study the number of PG-13 movies in the top 30 grossing movies has increased since 1985 and since 2009 movies have contained just as much if not more violence than R-rated movies.

But, parents can take steps to see just how violent a movie is before they let their kids see it.

"If you're concerned about the level and the types of violence in a film, a PG-13 film, I would check the movie rating for one thing and then I would go on places like Internet Movie Database and check the parent's ratings so that you have an idea of exactly what your children are going to see, said Tyrer