Three Canyon residents are dead after plane crash

Three Canyon residents are dead after plane crash


Three Canyon residents are dead after a small plane crashed in a field about two miles east of Amarillo.

The deceased on board include 48-year-old William Capt, 48-year-old Robin Capt and their 19-year-old son William Capt II.

According to flight plans and the DPS, the plane was flying from Lubbock where the family was visiting their daughter. The plane was supposed to land at Tradewind Airport at 12:59 Monday morning. 

The DPS said the plane initially tried to land at Tradewind Airport but was rerouted to Rick Husband International Airport. The aircraft reportedly overflew the airport runway and was in the process of a second attempt to land when air traffic controllers lost contact with the plane.

Albuquerque Air Traffic Control reported losing contact with the plane around 1:30 Monday morning. Ground units located the missing aircraft at 7:15 a.m. in a lake bed north of Highway 60 and east of Parsley Road in Potter County.

The plane was registered to Alabama Medical Consultants, Inc. out of Naples, Florida.

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Amarillo, Texas - Law enforcement all around the panhandle are in search of a missing plane Monday morning.  

It was around 1:30 Monday morning when Albuquerque Air Traffic Control out of New Mexico reported losing a small plane from radar just 2 miles east of Amarillo.

APD says the plane initially tried to land at Tradewind Airport in southeast Amarillo. The plane then aborted the landing at Tradewind and headed for Rick Husband International Airport. After turning away from Rick Husband, the plane disappeared from radar.

We've heard on scanners the last known area of the plane on radar was reportedly near Highway 60 and County Road A, which is here near the Carson County line.

At this point the APD and Pantex guard force are actively searching for the plane along with Armstrong, Carson and Potter county deputies.

DPS has been able to launch their helicopter around 6 o'clock Monday morning to help in the search. Still no reports coming in at this time on the plane's location.

It's unsure how many people are on board the aircraft.

Authorities have been staging near the Tyson plant this morning in their search.