Amarillo kicks off Veterans Day celebrations over the weekend

Amarillo kicks off Veterans Day celebrations over the weekend

Amarillo, TX - As the weekend leading up to the Veteran's Day holiday on Monday, there were plenty of Veterans Day celebrations going on around the area Saturday.

Many of them kicked off Saturday morning with the annual Veterans Day Parade in downtown Amarillo, but celebrations didn't stop downtown.

Much of the parade crowd then headed over the front lawn of the Amarillo VA for the Welcome Home Celebration.

More than one thousand veterans and their families came out to enjoy the food, music and entertainment, as well as receive the well-deserved honor and "thank you's" for their service.

"Well our veterans do a lot of sacrifices, they sacrifice their time, their family, and their lives sometimes," said David Crabtree a representative with the Amarillo VA. "And they need this welcome home to feel like they can be reintegrated into our society again, and that's what we're trying to do."

Amarillo VA representatives were on hand Saturday to answer any questions area veterans may have about VA services or support from community organizations.