Small Businesses React to Black Friday

Small Businesses React to Black Friday

Amarillo, TX - Black Friday is a tradition of deep discounts at large chain stores which signifies the start of the holiday season.

Half off TVs! Early bird specials! The best sale of the year! The big box retailers know how to draw in the crowds on Black Friday.

"The big box stores...people are lining up, it's a mad race to get those discounted items and it's not about a customer experience at that point, it's about a race to see who can get the best deal," said David Terry, Executive Director of West Texas A&M Enterprise Center.

Big box stores may have the big Black Friday deals on TVs and tablets, but small businesses may provide a more unique shopping experience.

"On Black Friday especially after the people have gone to the mall, they've fought the crowds and they've pushed in lines they can come here and we're going to give them some cider and a cookie and help them find what they're looking for," said Todd Hill, Owner of Silverland in Amarillo.

So while small businesses may not be able to hand out large discounts like the big chain stores on Black Friday, they can do something the others may not be able to.

"We're going to cater to people, we're going to treat them like human beings, we're going to treat them like they are guests, that they are in our home, that's what's going to make us successful is the quality of service," said Hill.

So while the big box stores may have the discounts, it is the small businesses who feel they can give an experience which customers will want to come back for again and again.