"Pets for Patriots" helps area veterans

"Pets for Patriots" helps area veterans

Amarillo, TX - Area organizations are extending the lives of pets, to help the lives of vets.

The Amarillo Panhandle Humane Society is honoring vets on Monday with half priced pet adoptions for veterans and active military personnel.

We spoke with the assistant director of animal control, Shannon Barlow, about why they are having this event.

"Hopefully it will maybe help some folks that need some companionship that maybe otherwise could not have afforded to do that. And also to show our gratitude for their service to our country"

We spoke with a local expert on post traumatic stress disorder, Tim Bowles, and he says owning a pet could potentially change a veterans life for the better.

"If you look at the statics for PTSD in soldiers its 40 times greater than those who are physically injured in war. So if you think about the numbers of people who are affected by PTSD that are solders ... Its vast. And so anything that can help reduce things that trigger events or things that cause them anxiety or make them have flash backs. Anything to distract them from that. A dog would be absolutely beneficial."

"Pets for Patriots" will be at the humane society on Monday from 10 to 7.

Some sort of verification of military service is required.