Deadly typhoon hits Philippines

Deadly typhoon hits Philippines

At least three people are dead Friday morning, as what could be the strongest storm ever recorded moves across the Philippines.

Some 25 million people are in the path of the storm.

The closest comparison the West can make to super Typhoon Haiyan would be a category five hurricane. Known locally in the Philippines as Typhoon Yolanda, this monster storm may be the strongest tropical cyclone on earth to ever make landfall.

The storm struck Friday morning, shutting down several airports and grounding hundreds of flights in the Philippines. Early reports have already noted several people dead, and officials expect the death toll to rise. With possible flooding, land slides, and tsunami-level storm surge, the government has moved 125,000 people to evacuation shelters.

The typhoon has weakened from it's peak, but winds of nearly 170 miles per hour still meet the wind-speed requirement for a category five hurricane. Forecasters expect Haiyan to maintain super typhoon strength over the next day, making landfall over central Vietnam within 48 hours.