Clovis taking action against sale of synthetic drugs

Clovis taking action against sale of synthetic drugs

CLOVIS - More than a hundred citizens showed up at Clovis city hall Thursday evening to ask commissioners for help combating the growing problem of synthetic drugs.

"This is our city. We will do anything we can to protect our city and our families," said spokesperson for the Citizens for Synthetic Drug Awareness group, Stacy Chavez.

Commissioners called it the most moving show of community they'd ever seen.

"We are willing to do what ever it takes," Chavez announced.

What started out as a handful of mothers sharing horror stories soon turned into a mission over 100 people strong. A mission to ban the sale of synthetic drugs. When women, men and children starting pouring into city hall Thursday, there weren't enough chairs or sign in sheets.

Organizers provided the crowd and commissioners with info on synthetic drugs and examples of other city ordinances banning them.

Adults and children alike nodded as Chavez explained the growing problem to the commission, and mothers shed tears as she explained the effects.

"The results of using these drugs at catastrophic," Chavez said.

Chavez asked commissioners to form a committee on the issue and to pass an ordinance by December 15. Much to the crowd's delight the commission agreed.

"I don't see any reason not to do exactly what you just asked," Clovis Mayor David Lansford said.

As NewsChannel 10 left Thursday's meeting, the mayor was consulting with the city attorney and commissioners about how to go about forming a committee to develop an ordinance banning the sale of synthetic drugs.