School accountability ratings

School accountability ratings

Amarillo, TX - The final accountability ratings for school districts around Texas have been released and they show one area district received a "needs improvement" rating.

Sanford-Fritch scored a "needs improvement" in postsecondary readiness.

This is one of 4 index marks that schools are evaluated on.

Postsecondary focuses on preparing students after high school.

We spoke to the superintendent, James E. McClellan, today and he says this happened because a group of seniors took a college math class and were not able to pass it.

So they switched their high school graduation plan to the minimum standard.

"We dropped them off the recommended plan to the minimum plan. Which only means they have to have 3 maths which they met. That is the choice we made ... mainly for the students. Knowing full and well they would have to go to college and take the class again. But for them to graduate, that is the decision we made and unfortunately under the new rule ... this is what got us."

This was the only index mark that Sanford-Fritch's scored a "needs

improvement" rating.