FDA Proposes Elimination of Trans Fat

FDA Proposes Elimination of Trans Fat

Amarillo, TX - The frozen pizza you had for dinner may soon no longer contain Trans Fat if a new proposed ban by the FDA is approved.

Trans Fats are found in foods other than just fast food. They can be found in foods such as frozen pizza, crackers, refrigerated dough such as biscuits, coffee creamers, stick margarines and a lot more.

The FDA says the proposed ban would affect all food in the United States except food where Trans Fat occurs in small amounts naturally, such as meat and dairy or in fully hydronated oils where some Trans Fat is created during the manufacturing process.

The FDA is proposing this change as new information is showing that Trans Fats can lead to heart disease.

"There is a lot of growing evidence into food additives like Trans Fatty Acids, there is a lot research going into to look and see if these things are not contributing to the problems we've seen over the last twenty years with the increased risks of heart disease, diabetes and so forth and the research is beginning to show yes there is a correlation," said Tim Cunningham who is a Registered and Licensed Dietician.

The CDC believes that eliminating Trans Fats could save up to 7,000 more people from dying of heart disease or about 20,000 people from having a heart attack each year.