Catholic Family Services making changes to Interfaith Grocery Store

Catholic Family Services making changes to Interfaith Grocery Store

Amarillo - As more people are looking for ways to put food on their plates, some organizations are starting to feel the strain of the high demand.

Catholic Family Services is dedicated to helping feed the elderly and the disabled. When they noticed the demand increasing, changes were made to help accommodate. But, not everyone was pleased.

"Right now I've got a dollar in my wallet and I just got paid on the 3rd. That all goes to bills," Amarillo resident Ronald Woods told us. "We're current on our rent but it takes gas to get to this place," he added.

Gas and money, which Woods says are hard to come by these days. That's why he and his wife were upset when they arrived at the Interfaith Grocery store sponsored by Catholic Family Services and found they couldn't go in.

"A fellow was sitting over there and he says, 'They only allow 50 people in at a time now.'" Woods recalled.

With only three isles at the Interfaith Grocery Store, overcrowding can sometimes be an issues, which is why only a certain number of people are let in at a time.

"Once you're moving a grocery basket down the isle, it gets very crowded and we are very concerned about the safety of the people that come in," said spokeswoman Judy Neill.

But this isn't the only reason why the group had to start keeping track of how many people come to their store.

"We have a limited amount of food on the shelves and it doesn't hold a lot. Once about 50 people come in, we have to restock," Neill said.

With more people turning to the program for assistance, some even lining up hours before the doors open, this became even more important. Hours were also extended to keep up with the demand.

"We did extend the hours about 6 months ago because we did realize not everyone was getting in on Tuesday, so we wanted to accommodate those people who had to come back on Wednesdays," Neill told us.

Only 50 people a day can receive those groceries, but workers say a larger facility would help alleviate this problem.

Colleen Nelson - NewsChannel 10.