Supporters react after ARC is voted down

Supporters react after ARC is voted down

Amarillo, TX - For now, Amarillo will not have a new recreation complex.

The ARC would have been located on Grand Street next to the Rick Klein Sports Complex if Amarillo voters would have voted for the ARC last night, but they voted against it with a vote of 54 to 46 percent.

The ARC would have been a 37.5 million dollar multi-facility and multi-sport complex for the city of Amarillo.

Supporters of the ARC say they proposed this new complex because many people had asked for it.

"We did this because a lot of people said they wanted to do it and we were responding to that, yet when it came down to a vote more people said they didn't want to do it so we have to consider that, think about it and go forward," said Amarillo Mayor Paul Harpole.

So the question now is why it may not have passed.

"I think it was voted down for a number of reasons and people are scared of their taxes going up....a lot of people didn't like the location is, there were some unknowns about operating cost and those are all very reasonable reasons to be a little worried about the project," said William Ware, Senior Vice President at Amarillo National Bank.

Now the supporters of the ARC know their project may need to be re-evaluated so they are looking to the next step.

"I think all the groups involved with the ARC project have been working for so long, over 10 years, in some cases will want to keep fighting, keep going, they're going to figure out what went wrong, what they need to do to fix that going forward and they'll try again," said Ware.

It is not clear right now what the next step will be for the ARC, but supporters say they will re-evaluate the plan and study the election results data once it becomes available.