Panhandle city details impacts of legalizing alcohol sales

Panhandle city details impacts of legalizing alcohol sales

Amarillo, TX - Following Tuesday's elections, selling alcohol is now legal in more counties and cities across the Panhandle. NewsChannel 10 looked into how legalizing alcohol sales has impacted one area city.

The City of Silverton made the dry to wet move in 2005. Even though Silverton is wet, only one convenience store in town sells alcohol.

"We have one place, which is Allsup's," said City Administrator Jerry Patton. "Whatever they sell there, we definitely benefit from it."

At first, the city benefited quite a bit by taking advantage of the one-cent sales tax associated with all alcohol sales. However, nearby towns have joined the dry to wet bandwagon and revenue from alcohol is slowing down.

"It's not as much now as what it was when we first elected to do it because other towns around have done the same," said Patton. "You can't have a hold on the market anymore. People can buy it pretty well locally and help their own towns."

Even though there was controversy over selling alcohol at first, the city said it hasn't seen a negative impact. "Here in Silverton, we're a pretty laid back town," said Patton. "Everybody is pretty well behaved, so there hasn't been a big crime wave by any means."

Patton said selling alcohol was a good move for the city.

After Tuesday's elections, Donley County as well as the City of Vega in Oldham County can now legally sell alcohol.

Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10