Car burglaries increasing in Amarillo

Car burglaries increasing in Amarillo

Amarillo, TX - Car break-ins are on the rise in Amarillo. The Amarillo Police Department reported more than one hundred break-ins within the past two weeks.

Police say more and more car break-ins are happening in large parking lots. Hospitals, movie theaters, malls, grocery stores and restaurants are all key targets for thieves looking for left behind goodies in cars.

"It used to be more of a nighttime criminal act, but this is going on 24 hours a day," said Corporal Jerry Neufeld. "It will happen late at night and during broad daylight."

Police said they are seeing almost twenty more break-ins a week than usual. With the holiday season approaching, that number is expected to keep going up.

"The biggest point that we continue to make to people is do not leave anything of value in your car," said Neufeld. "And yet we have purses, we have laptops, we have digital cameras, we have navigation systems, firearms, and we have all sorts of things that are left in cars."

Neufeld said even visible spare change is enough to attract thieves.

Police want to remind residents it takes thieves less than a minute to break into a car. Leaving items in your car for even a few minutes is a risk.