Family to reunite with WWII vet's long-lost dog tags

Family to reunite with WWII vet's long-lost dog tags

Amarillo, TX - Thanks to the kindness of strangers one Amarillo family is about to be reunited with something they have been missing for 69 years.

Back in June of 1944 World War II Veteran Jack Robbins' plane was shot down and crash landed in France.

About a year ago a simple friend request on Facebook was sent to Destany Robbins. It was from an author in Ohio who told her a French family had found her great-grandfather's dog tags in France.

Through talking with the author, Jackie Flannery, Destany and her family learned about her great-grandfather's story.

After Jack crash landed his plane in France he was taken in by a French family.

"This French family drug him out of his plane and hid him and got him back to you know where he could function and they ended up putting him in a briar patch and the family would crawl for six or seven days to bring him food," explained Destany.

After a few days the family could no longer care for him so he waited in the briar patch for a few days longer and then tried to escape but was taken as a POW by the Germans.

"They captured him and he was put in... a POW camp there and he stayed for 7 months and it was the coldest winter that year," said Destany.

Robbins and his friend eventually escaped the camp and made it back to the United States.

Robbins has since passed away, but his family is excited to be getting his dog tags back thanks to a different French family.

But they need your help.

A fund has been set up at Happy State Bank to help Jack Robbins' family get to Ohio next week on November 11th for the presentation of his dog tags.

America Supports You Texas has not only set up that fund they have also set up a fund online, but they are far from reaching their goal.

"We haven't raised enough, I can tell (you) it's pretty slim right now, when I priced airline tickets, they were $908 a piece and if they want to take four people we're talking $3,400-$3,600 dollars and we don't have near that," said Tammy Lewis, Secretary at America Supports You Texas.

This trip would mean so much to the Robbins family.

"Oh, it would mean the world to me to be able to thank that family for you know spending all these years because they have spent years trying to find us and not giving up and keep going until they did find us...oh it would floor me," said Cheryl Robbins, Daughter-in-Law to Jack Robbins.

To donate you can stop by any Happy State Bank location, just ask for the Jack B. Robbins fund. Or you may donate online by clicking this link: .