Man on a mission to document all Texas historical markers

Man on a mission to document all Texas historical markers

CANYON - 15,740. That's how many historical sites there are across the state of Texas and that number is always growing.

But Greg Bodin and his wife Toni believe every piece of history is worth documenting, so much so that they've built a life around it.

By no means are they historians,or even professional photographers. The Bodins are just Texans with a love for adventure.

"We have almost the richest history of any state in the union here. I mean, the history of Texas is so diverse and so, so bright," Greg said. "It's just a just a personal passion of mine and it's just something I want to share with everybody."

Greg is from Coahoma and Tori is a Texas transplant from Illinois.

For two years they've traveled the roads of the lone star state, stopping at every historical marker they find, photographing it, and uploading it to a Facebook page for all to see.

"There are a lot of people who don't realize some of the things that have happened here in this state and I mean, we go all the way back to the 1500s when the Spanish first landed here on accident," Greg said.

Greg started the project two years ago as a hobby, but it's now turned into a mission.

He wants to create a photo data-base of all historic sites to add to the Texas Historical Commission's online atlas.

"It's easier for a lot of home bound and elderly to navigate and travel with us through Texas who wouldn't normally get to see," said Toni.

Someday they'd like to start a non-profit helping smaller counties preserve their history.

But for now, the Bodins are just a small town Texas oil man and wife adventuring with a tent, a barrel of MRE's, and a camera.

"If I could recite half of what I've read on markers accurately and then recite half of what I've read accurately I'd probably be the greatest historian in the state of Texas but there's no way that I can remember all of that," Greg said.