Amarillo receives special Quanah Parker Trail arrow

Amarillo receives special Quanah Parker Trail arrow

Amarillo, TX - A new historical marker was welcomed into the Amarillo area Saturday with the installation and dedication of a new Quanah Parker Trail arrow.

The marker was installed Saturday morning on the grounds of the Wildcat Bluff Nature Center on Soncy Road.

It represents an area Quanah Parker, a historically prominent Comanche chief, traveled though years ago and reveals a little more about the history of the American West and Comanche's who once dominated the western lands of Texas. Even members of the Quanah Parker family were in attendance Saturday to present the blessing and a performance.

"Its great to be here at the Wildcat Bluff Nature Center, where our arrow will draw attention as people drive by on the highway," Barbara Brannon said, executive director for the Texas Plains Trails Region.

"The meaning of these arrows is to make sure everyone understands who was prior to us, that are here today," Joe Ed Coffmen, adopted great-grandson of Quanah Park said.

"We can't forget the first Americans." The arrow is sponsored by the Quanah Parker Trail, a cultural and historical trail developed to highlight a historical legacy shared by all 52 counties of the Texas Panhandle Trail Region.