LAX passenger tells firsthand account of airport shooting

LAX passenger tells firsthand account of airport shooting

Emily Stolz is one of thousands of passengers that were stranded at the Los Angeles International Airport for hours Friday after a gunman opened fire at a TSA checkpoint.

Thirty-two-year-old Stolz arrived at LAX Airport early Friday morning for her flight back home in Wichita, Kansas. She tells NewsChannel 10 she was waiting for her flight in Terminal One when the shooting happened just two terminals over in Terminal Three. Stolz said TSA and security immediately filled the area, evacuated the airport and locked every door behind her, something she said would make anyone nervous.

It was at that point Stolz said they were ushered out onto the tarmac where they began their several hour-long wait.

"Then they sent us out to the tarmac where several buses came and took us to an International Holding Station, which is where we've been for, like, the past four hours," said Stolz. "I've been checking the news on my phone so I know they caught the guy, but they still haven't told us anything, haven't given us any information, don't know how much longer we're going to be in this place, don't know what's going on."

Stolz said she and many other stranded passengers were checking the news on their phones and computers, but otherwise, had not received any information from airport officials about what exactly happened, or when they'll be able to leave or board any flights.

Several hours after the shooting, Stolz said the mood among passengers had shifted from nervous and scared to anxious, tired and frustrated as they continue to wait.