Dog saves family from house fire

Dog saves family from house fire

A dog is being hailed as a hero today in Pampa after alerting her family to a fire at their home early this morning.

Her name is Remmington. Before today she was just a stray Chocolate Lab and Pit Bull mix that the Stover family took in as a pet. However, this morning she became their hero.

805 East Francis Street in Pampa...6:45 a.m. Remmington begins howling and whining for her owner Shelly Stover to wake-up.

"...she was howling in the house and I just yelled at her and told her stop howling in the house and I never opened my eyes or anything, I just thought she needed to go out," said Homeowner Shelly Stover.

But she didn't. So Remmington took it a step further and jumped the baby gate that keeps her inside the laundry room at night and ran to Stover's room and jumped in the bed with her.

"She was hitting me with her paw and whining, so then I opened my eyes and I seen the smoke," said Stover.

Once Stover saw the smoke she immediately leapt into action.

"I ran straight to my daughter's room, both of our kids have asthma, but luckily my daughter was the only one that was home, I went and got her and ran her out to the car and the dogs followed and then as soon as I put my daughter in the car the smoke alarms went off," Stover explained.

Fire officials say that the damage would have been much worse , just two minutes later, if Remmington hadn't woken her family up when she did.

"The fire, the way we looked at it, it was pretty close to the wood and joist members up in the attic, so it was getting pretty close to being pretty bad," said Pampa Fire Department Fire Marshall Michael Ryan.

The family is very grateful for Remmington's life saving actions this morning and are so glad they made her part of their family.

"This is not really something we expected, but we're more than happy to take in a stray from now on, she's turned out to be a really good asset to our family," said Stover.

The fire is believed to have been started by an electrical shortage in the attic.