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Chocolate prices said to increase due to cocoa bean shortage

Amarillo - You may have noticed the price of Halloween candy increasing. A global cocoa bean shortage is to blame.

"It takes about 4 to 5 years for a tree that's planted to produce cocoa beans," said Jenev Toler, Manager of Sweet Creations in Amarillo. "They are trying to figure out how to fix that. So that's going to effect our prices on cocoa and everything chocolate," she added.

The majority of cocoa beans come from Africa, but weather has damaged many of the plants. Toler told us an increase in the cost of sugar, and higher shipping prices are also increasing the cost of candy.

Experts think the cost will continue to rise for the next 7 years, although they can not predict how expense it will get.

For small business, like Sweet Creations, Toler said they will have to consider other options. She told us their business will make more treats like fudge and cookies to help compensate.

Last year, over 1.9 million was spent in the United States on Halloween candy alone.

Studies show the most popular kinds of Halloween treats include Reese's, M&Ms and Snickers.

Colleen Nelson - NewsChannel 10

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