Apps can help parents keep tabs on trick-or-treaters

Apps can help parents keep tabs on trick-or-treaters

AMARILLO - Halloween is a holiday all about being scared in the name of fun, but for some parents there are real fears Halloween night.

Many older trick or treaters may not want to go out with mom and dad on Halloween, but there are ways for parents to keep an eye on their children without ever leaving the house.

Ghosts, ghouls and goblins may make little boys and girls stick to mom and dad in fear. But for parents, it's typically the bigger kids who want to go out on their own that's scary.

"It's just not safe anymore, so I'd rather them be with us," said one Amarillo mother.

"I don't want to say it's scary, but I'd rather just be there with her and know that she's safe," said another.

All parents have a different opinion on when or if they'd ever let their children trick or treat without an adult.

"13 or 14," said one dad.

"Probably 7 or 8," said another.

But in this age of smart phones with GPS capabilities, parents don't need to stay with their trick-or-treaters to keep tabs on where they are.

Free apps like Track n Treat available on iPhone and Android will show the location of a child's cell phone in real time on another smart phone or computer.

Another app called Family GPS Tracker will actually send a notification when a child leaves a certain area.

"They could probably go younger if we had something like that," said one father.

"I'd send them with a phone yeah, I definitely wouldn't send them without a phone if something happened," said a mother.

Regardless if your family believes in smart phones or not, most parents agree keeping an eye out on Halloween is always a good idea.

"It's better than not having any security at all with your children because today's crazy," said a mother.

Police say you need to have a plan and set rules with your kids,including safe zones and a curfew, before the big night.