Concussions may effect students inside the classroom in addition to on the field

Amarillo, Texas- Concussions may not only keep kids off the field they may also keep them out of the classroom.

After a student suffers a concussion they not only need to stay off the field they may need some adjustments in the classroom. After a concussion cognitive rest is the best thing to get your student back to class and back to normal activities.

However, if they suffer from headaches after the concussion then they may need to take it slow even when it comes to learning.

"If they (the student) are able to focus without getting a headache or something for 30-45 minutes then they're probably okay to try school limited short term with maybe some breaks. If they can't focus even that long then they don't have any business going to school, but it really depends on the symptoms themselves," said Dr. Mariada George with Panhandle Pediatrics.

Every concussion is different and the way it effects each student is different. Some students may be able to go back to school after just a few days and others may not be able to go back for three weeks once the concussion fully heals.

"It depends on the kid, so if they go to school (and) they can make it for 30 minutes and then they need a break, then they need a break. So the teachers or school counselor, whoever is in charge of all that needs to discuss with the student how capable they are at doing things," said George.

And it is not just learning that might be difficult for students after suffering a concussion the environment of the classroom might be hard for them as well.

"Some classes may be more tolerable for children than other classes, for instance slides, videos, things with lots of light that can hurt their head, but if you're in a basic class where the teacher just lectures then you're probably okay," George said.

With any concussion it is important to talk with your doctor to figure out what is best for your student since each child and each concussion is different.