Randall County to soon have new synthetic drug testing system

Randall County to soon have new synthetic drug testing system

There will soon be new technology in Randall County to immediately test synthetic drugs.

It can fit in your hand and scan substances even if they are inside plastic or glass. The TruNarc system is the newest technology coming to Randall County to help crack down on synthetic drugs.

"We have watched a demonstration on one a couple of times and what it is it gives us a way a presumptive field test for things that we couldn't field test before," said Randall County Sheriff Joel Richardson.

With this new device, when a deputy pulls someone over for a traffic stop and discovers an unknown substance they can test it immediately and know exactly what it is made out of.

"When you go in and see a substance you believe it to be synthetic marijuana you still have to send it off for a test and that could take months and months, this will be an immediate result," said Richardson.

The TruNarc will not only benefit the Sheriff's Department it will also benefit the Randall County District Attorney's Office.

It will be very helpful in plea negotiations because we can say to the Defense we know what the results are going to be and if you plead right now here's the offer, if you're going to force us to spend the time and money and resources for an actual lab test then the price of poker goes up," said Randall County District Attorney James Farren.

The system was a joint purchase between the Randall County Sheriff's Department, the Randall County District Attorney's Office and Impact Futures.