Country Barn Steakhouse sold at auction for 1.9 million

Country Barn Steakhouse sold at auction for 1.9 million

Amarillo - Local Developer George Chapman, who has been selling his property to pay off debt, sold the County Barn Steakhouse on Tuesday, during an auction.

The property was just over 2.6 acres but was split into two tracts.

The larger tract, consisting of the restaurant and the majority of the parking lot sold for over 1.9 million. The buyer is Justin Chapman, son of George Chapman.

We tried to speak with Justin Chapman, but he declined to comment.

The billboard, located on that property, was part of a separate sale which included a 50 foot path cutting through the parking lot. The path ends just before the property line at the Holiday Inn, located behind the restaurant.

The sale of that property was done privately on Monday. It has been confirmed by corporate that the Holiday Inn has purchased it. The price of that sale has yet to be released.

Neither party who purchased the separate tracts of land have released any potential plans for the property.

An additional auction on November 9th will be held to sell off the majority of what is inside.