Gruver growing crops for cash; Unique scholarship program offered at High School

Gruver growing crops for cash; Unique scholarship program offered at High School

It may just look like corn, but for  parents and students in Gruver, it looks like opportunity.

An area school district is thinking outside the box to earn money for a scholarship foundation.

"Ultimately, when you talk about the rise in the price of college, well right now they are earning money and it's through this farm and through this community they are earning money right now," said High School Principal Troy Seagler.

It's money that's earned in school, but grown out in the fields.

The idea started two years ago when the Gruver School District leased over 400 acres of donated land to the local Farmers Scholarship Foundation; The purpose, to turn corn into cash for education.

This year, farmers volunteered their time and area businesses helped donate things like seed and fertilizer.

They expect this harvest to bring in over $400,000, money that will be given back to students, starting with the class of 2016.

"Every kid that graduates Gruver High is eligible for a scholarship and it can be anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to up to $3,000," said Derik Grotegut, an area farmer helping with the program.

Gruver's unique system works like this; Every day high school students have the chance to earn points for things like getting an "A" in class or being an active leader.

"The more they are involved, the more points they are going to make and ultimately in the end the more money they are going to make," Seagler said.

This year's class is only the second one to participate in this point system but farmers say they hope to continue giving back so everyone has a chance to go to college.

Colleen Nelson - NewsChannel 10