Five people home when early morning fire starts

Five people home when early morning fire starts

AMARILLO - One Amarillo family is still assessing the damage after an early morning fire sparked at a mobile home.

Residents of that mobile home say they feel lucky to be alive. Five people were inside when the fire started around 7:30 Sunday morning. It happened at 2008 North Arthur Street.

The home did not have fire alarms, so the five people inside didn't wake up until much of the home was up in flames.

One woman says she might not be here to tell the tale if a neighbor hadn't come to wake her up. "I went to straight to the window and got a lamp fixture and broke it and I tried to come out and I told him to come help me and then I just jumped out," Pamela Clem said.

Fire officials have not released an official cause for the blaze, but residents told us they believe it was sparked from an electrical issue.

One resident inside the home was sent to hospital with minor injuries, but some pets inside the home didn't make it out alive.