Voter ID law sparks some name-discrepancy hiccups

Voter ID law sparks some name-discrepancy hiccups

DALLAS (AP) - State law requiring voters to show picture identification is causing some hiccups at early-voting locations around Texas.

The Dallas Morning News reports that rules requiring that a voter's name on IDs exactly match that listed in voter registration databases are especially problematic.

Some Texans participating in early voting ahead of the Nov. 5 election have complained.

State officials say that if names are "substantially similar," a voter can immediately sign an affidavit verifying his or her identity, and then vote.

Another option is casting a provisional ballot, then providing supporting information later.

The law was approved in 2011 but didn't take effect until recently because of legal challenges.

It requires voters to produce picture IDs, including a Texas driver's license, a concealed handgun license or an election ID certificate.