Children's Hospital provides 'teddy bear care' for area children

Children's Hospital provides 'teddy bear care' for area children

Amarillo, TX - A little TLC is all a few children and their teddy bears needed Saturday and that's exactly what they got from a local children's hospital.

The Northwest Texas Healthcare System hosted a Teddy Bear Clinic for area children. Several hundred kids brought their teddies and had them tended to by physicians as if they were real patients, from being diagnosed, going into surgery or even picking up prescriptions.

"Health care can be very scary to a kid if they have never been to a hospital, and so this is a way for them to see what its like, get to meet the actual staff here," said Becky Ringlbauer, Child Life Specialist.

"Everybody is here volunteering their time, and they're able to hear vocabulary, see the medical equipment and play, and that's a great way for kids to learn."

Each child also received a custom Childprint ID Kit that enables parents to record their child's fingerprints, DNA and other medical information.