West Texas Elementary shares their creative anti-bullying program

West Texas Elementary shares their creative anti-bullying program

Bullying has become a problem in many schools across the country, but West Texas Elementary believes they have a way to handle it.

Two years ago West Texas Elementary in Stinnett implemented an Anti-Bullying program to help to teach students about bullying, to encourage positive thinking and to have respect for each other.

"...basically we've taken the approach we wanna be proactive and prevent as much as we can rather than just being a punitive type program," said West Texas Elementary Principal Kimberly Conyers. "We have a step by step system so it's kind of across the board fair for everybody in the school, and it's easy to see the patterns with certain children that maybe are the victim or are the bully."

Then today they took their program one step farther by inspiring their students with a flash mob where the entire school participated. The flash mob was part of a greater effort to promote unity between not only the students, but also the faculty and staff.

West Texas Elementary believes they have found the key to bullying and that is being compassionate and approachable.

"...they have a safe place where they know they are going to be heard so I think that helps and I think just forming those relationships with the kids and having them amongst each other helps too," said Conyers.

The school hopes their students will take what they learn from the program and know what to do when they are bullied or see someone else being bullied.

"I think if they realize that bullying is a real problem then they won't be scared to stand up for themselves or for others," said Tiffany Smith, Special Programs Coordinator at West Texas Elementary.