Controversial signs in Clarendon stir alcohol sales debate

Controversial signs in Clarendon stir alcohol sales debate

Amarillo, TX - The controversy surrounding the sale of alcohol in Donley County continues after new signs in town caused the debate to pick up steam.

Yard signs supporting or opposing political items on an election ballot aren't uncommon, but the messages found on a few signs in Clarendon hit some pretty hot button issues: alcohol and Jesus.

Don Stone is responsible for posting one of the signs a few weeks ago, asking citizens, "for Jesus' sake" to vote against alcohol sales.

"I think he'll love me more if I vote no," said Stone. "I think it is more in line with God's will."

But, it wasn't long before others in town, like Trevor Leeper, joined this war of words.

"Jesus won't love you any less, if you vote yes," countered Leeper. "It's not about religion, it's about revenue." The signs were posted within one day of each other, both expressing pretty strong opposing opinions. PLus, both are posted on the same street corner, less than two feet away from each other for the entire community to see. A highly talked about scene that turned a quiet debate about religion and revenue, into a community-wide spectacle.

"We didn't really want to get religious with it, but it seemed like that's the only choice we had after they posted their sign out there," said Leeper.

"I say that revenue is about money and religion is about God," said Stone. "And to us who are objecting, God is more important than money."

Opposing ideas that will likely continue long after voting but some say the mark these signs will leave on Clarendon may last even longer.

"I don't think it's given us a good name honestly," added Clarendon citizen Julia Hatfield. "People are taking it to the extreme."

The arguments 'for' and 'against' alcohol sales even made it in the Clarendon newspaper. In Thursday's paper there was a half page article from Don Stone and another add that stated, "When you stand before the judgement seat of Christ you will be asked, how did you vote on the alcohol option?"

Either way, election day is November fifth.