Two hour long standoff ends peacefully

Two hour long standoff ends peacefully

AMARILLO- One man is in custody and a neighbor now quiet after a two hour standoff in a south Amarillo neighborhood ends peacefully.

Around 3:30 Thursday afternoon, Amarillo police received a tip that 38-year-old Rene Rivera was inside a house at 3600 Fleetwood Street.

Rivera was wanted for aggravated assault and felony possession of a firearm charges out of Castro county in connection to a shooting in Dimmitt back in August.

By about 4:40 police were able to contact Rivera inside the home by phone, but he refused to come outside.

Officers then called out the swat team, bomb robot, and mobile command center.

A two block radius around the house was closed off residents told not to leave their homes, and the homes adjacent to the standoff were evacuated.

"I could hear the loud speakers," Susan Maddox, who lives two houses down from the standoff, said. "They were calling this person, they had a warrant for his arrest. Police came out and had the house surrounded and then about 30 minutes later there was a knock on the back door and two police were there saying that we had to evacuate."

Police negotiators were able to convince Rivera to come out of the home around 6:30.

The surrender was peaceful and no shots were fired.

Authorities say the evacuations and lock-downs were a precautionary measure because Rivera was believed to be armed and dangerous.

Rivera had no weapons on him when he surrendered to police, but police continued into the night searching the home. Rivera is booked into the Randall County Jail.